What is UPF?

UPF Protection

UPF is a measure used to indicate the level of UV (ultraviolet) protection of fabrics. It is important to check out the UPF ratings of sun hats for best sun protection. 50+ UPF rated fabrics offer the best protection blocking 98% sun’s rays.

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Factors behind UPF ratings:

  • Construction: Tight construction means less space in between threads reducing the amount of UV light which can pass through.
  • Fabric type: Synthetic fibers like polyester, elastane and nylon are the most effective at obstructing UV light.
  • Treatments: Chemical treatments and dyes are used to enhance UPF property of fabrics

What does JAN & JUL offer?


50+UPF Protection: All of our sun hats are 50+UPF rated. Protection is from the weaving and type of the fabrics. No chemicals or dyes added.

Gro-With-Me® Smart Design: Adjustable head and chin adjustments ensure perfect fit and comfort. Plus, you can use the hat longer!

Adjustable Chinstrap with Safety Clip: To minimize choking hazards we integrate a breakaway clip on the strap. It breaks away with a hard tug – simply clip back into place when you need it.

Breathable: All our sun hats are breathable.

Wider Brims: All our sun hats have wider brims. Adventure hats have the widest brim plus a long neck flap for extra neck protection


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All JAN & JUL Sun Hats Are Rated 50+ UPF