Warm fleece-lined winter leggings for baby and toddler – Black bolts

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Soft stretchy fleece-lined winter leggings!

  • Soft fleece lining ensures ultimate warmth and coziness;
  • Stretchy knit jersey for comfortable movement;
  • Very well made and premium cotton for longer wear;
  • True to size, unisex form fit, not baggy;
  • Versatile to be worn alone or under skirt;
  • Mom designed and kids approved in Vancouver, Canada.


This pair of soft warm stretchy leggings will sure keep your little warm and cuddly on chilly days. Your child will want to wear it every day as it is super cozy and comfortable. Definitely a must-have for spring, fall and winter.

Mom designed and kids approved in Vancouver, Canada where we have long cold rainy fall and winters. This garment is thoughtfully designed with these features to keep little ones warm and comfy:

🔥Cuddly short pile backing adds warmth on cool days
♥Stretchy knit jersey for comfortable movement
👋Very well made and premium cotton for longer wear
★True to size, unisex classic fit, not too tight or baggy
☺Perfect for cold days in spring, fall and winter

The pair of leggins is made with our premium winter-weight knit jersey. We also make fall leggings and winter joggers. Check them out by searching for “Twinklebelle leggings”.

“Jan & Jul” is a brand by Twinklebelle Design Inc, headquartered in beautiful Vancouver Canada. Our rain-or-shine clothing is thoughtfully designed and high quality for Mom and simply fun for kids!

We are so excited to get your little ones ready for everyday play, rain or shine!

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Winter Leggings: Black Bolts


6m, 12m, 18m, 2T, 3T, 4T, 5T


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