Clips slip? TruStay Clip to the rescue!

TruStay Clip is specially designed for fine hair. The special base clip is designed to hold onto even a few strands of fine hair, locking it tightly. Tested on the fine hair of babies and girls, they are guaranteed to not fall off. Therefore TruStay Clip is considered the ONLY hair clips for fine and slippery hair! It is comfortable, does not pull or snug. It has a low profile on hair, therefore looks nicer than other clips.

Guaranteed to stayput:

  • Designed for fine hair, such as a baby’s
  • Guaranteed to not fall off fine slippery hair
  • Sturdy & safe construction, no toxic glue
  • Handmade boutique quality
Three sizes available:

  • baby: 2.2-cm base clip, for ages 0m & up
  • toddler: 2.8-cm base clip, for ages 6m & up
  • girl: 3.3-cm base clip, for ages 12m & up



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