Sun Hat Guide

Choosing a Sun Hat: What’s Important?

We all love to be outside in summer and end enjoy the sunshine to the fullest. However, we need to remember that we need to protect against too much exposure to sun’s harmful rays. Good protection is even more important for baby, toddler and kids with gentle skin. The American Association of Pediatrics recommends using brimmed hats for babies and kids for better sun protection.

Below are the most important features you should look for in choosing the best sun hat:

  • UPF Protection
  • Comfortable Fit
  • Chin-Straps
  • Breathability
  • Wide Brims

UPF Protection

UPF is a measure used to indicate the level of UV (ultraviolet) protection of fabrics. It is important to check out the UPF ratings of sun hats for best sun protection. 50+ UPF rated fabrics offer the best protection blocking 98% sun’s rays.

Comfortable Fit

Comfort is important for kids especially when they are in active play. That’s why perfect fit is a necessity of the hat for it to be loved by a child. For that reason, adjustable hats are the best choice for growing kids.

Chin Straps

Adjustable chin straps ensure the hat stays on even when it is windy or the child pulls off the hat. Therefore, a hat that stays on is a safer option for an active kid.


Kids are active and can get sweaty quite fast, therefore the air flow of the sun hat is important. Breathable sun hats will let the sweat flow through the fabric without making child’s head wet.

Wide Brim

Wider brims protect child’s eyes, face, ears and necks offering more protection of the skin.

What does JAN & JUL offer?

50+UPF Protection: All of our sun hats are 50+UPF rated. Protection is from the weaving and type of the fabrics. No chemicals or dyes added.

Gro-With-Me® Smart Design: Adjustable head and chin adjustments ensure perfect fit and comfort. Plus, you can use the hat longer!

Adjustable Chinstrap with Safety Clip: To minimize choking hazards we integrate a breakaway clip on the strap. It breaks away with a hard tug – simply clip back into place when you need it.

Breathable: All our sun hats are breathable.

Wider Brims: All our sun hats have wider brims. Adventure hats have the widest brim plus a long neck flap for extra neck protection